Franca Borgia

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Franca Borgia is a writer, painter and thought leader.

She has practiced Mudra Yoga from her earliest childhood, and Astrology since she was eleven years old. Her academic education led her from Germany and Switzerland to the Russian State Academy of Fine Arts, Surikov Institute Moscow. This was followed by periods of residence in France, Austria, and Italy; she then travelled across North America and Asia.

“My inner and outer paths were not so much formed by my childhood in Germany and youth in Switzerland, but by previous lifetimes in Egypt, India, Siam, and Venice. Life is a journey.”

The Double Spiral

Since 1995, Franca Borgia has dedicated herself to an artistic style she conceived: double-spiral painting.

Her art goes beyond the depiction of living beings to portray their inherent dynamics. The essential thing is not the state of what is portrayed, but rather its invisible, never fully comprehensible, and yet all-encompassing movement.

Chronic (attitude to life, nutrition, and other consumer habits, etc.) as well as acute (noise, joy, anger, physical or mental injuries, etc.) promote or inhibit the flow of vital energies (metabolic processes, blood circulation, breathing – is a rhythmic process -, etc.); What we see, hear, think, say, eat or drink over and over again every day has a particularly strong and lasting influence on us.

Standing still is an illusion.

High-energy physics proves that even so-called inanimate objects consist of elementary particles rotating around each other.

This applies so much more to animate matter.

Health can be defined as a steady, dynamic flow of life energy.

Information about the occurrence and properties of spirals in nature, from the DNA double helix to the Milky Way can be found at

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